Trey Rozell


There’s a notion that everything that can be thought at all can be thought clearly; that language, given the right amount of pliability and attention, can express even that which might elude us in principle. But everything clearly expressed waits, too, to be clearly understood. Anything that we consider to be meaningful and reflective of its meaning, is the result of varying forces and functions, the combination of which might just as well be described as combustible as it would cohesive. This paradox of meaning haunts me and all that I do. My work considers and responds to the conceptual and perceptual frames we use to understand art, and everything else. Embracing this slippery nature of meaning has led me into a constellation of potential meanings. Through the utilization of repetition and alteration (in other words: play) objects and signs transform as they traverse their physical and conceptual boundaries; oscillating between empty and full.